Lake Drain Update and Contour Maps

The drain application was submitted on August 2nd to Michigan EGLE with a target date for work of and of October 2019.

Engineering is done and plans complete.

The Drain Commissioners office will need to seek bids to complete the work once the waiting period is over with the state.

What will the lake level be set at?

There won’t be a legal lake level there will be an overflow relief level essentially which is a point where lake will drain if it gets that high.  It’s been set at an overflow height above sea level of  754. This is 0.5 feet lower than the minimum building opening of the structure in the water on the peninsula.  Below are contour maps which show the approximate shoreline at the new possible HIGH POINT meaning it should never get higher than this again.  These overhead maps are from April 2018 so changes may have happened.  Also know that if your land eroded some because of the high water and you do not reclaim it the water will be further inland than what this shows.  These are high res maps you can zoom in on to see your section.

south end


East shore


Engineering designs submitted to the state


Design-STA 8+00 – 15+00

Design-STA 0+00 – 8+00)

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