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At the request of some members, the board of Three Mile Lake Corporation is soliciting opinions from riparian owners regarding a possible petition to repair and extend the existing drain on the lake. We do not have authority to implement anything but have spoken with the Drain Commissioner and several property owners. We nor the commissioner can give a cost estimate. Any cost would be shared through an assessment of all property owners in the water shed area. Some of the concerns that have been raised are: -Property Value Loss due to flooding. Septic system leakage into the lake, seawall damage, beach erosion and road access. The board is also cognoscente of the situation where we don't want to drain too much out of the lake and have too low a water level as well. IF the petition moved forward a public hearing would be held and a three member board of disinterested citizens would decide if the Drain Commissioner should move forward with engineering studies and DEQ permitting. Members of the board would be there to support the collective interests of the lake riparian owners and we'd like your thoughts on the matter.
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