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Fishing at Three Mile Lake in Paw Paw, Michigan

Anglers can enjoy a wide variety of fish in Three Mile Lake!  There is a paved public boating access ramp with a dock to safely launch and secure your boat.

In 2007 the Michigan Department of Natural Resources conducted a fish study.  They collected data on the fish and other amphibian life at Three Mile Lake.  Other information included in this study were: soil composition, lake levels, water depths, watershed and residential density.

2007 MIDNR Fish Study

PLEASE make sure you have an updated fishing license.  The DNR regularly patrols the lake.   It’s easy to purchase online anytime!

Fish Species Present in Three Mile Lake include:

Fish Species Picture Description
Largemouth Bass The most popular gamefish in Michigan.  The largest of Bass found in Three Mile Lake!
Bowfin Commonly referred to as Dogfish, this is the biggest fish found in the lake!  An ancient fish capable of breathing on land.
PumpkinSeed In the sunfish family, these fish are good eating and can be aggressive feeders.  Very pretty!
Bluegill One of the most popular pan fish and great to eat!
Black Crappie Part of the sunfish and black bass family. Crappie are great eating and generally easy to catch if you can find the depth they are at.
Rockbass A large and robust “sunfish” family fish that can be fun to catch.  Looks like cross between black bass and sunfish.
Yellow Perch Great eating fish, harder to catch than most species in the lake.
Sunfish Regular and Hybrid Sunfish(bluegill) can be found in the lake. scrappy fighters and some of the prettiest fish.  Good eating.
Bullhead Catfish Good to eat a bottom dweller, not often caught on the lake but can be had with some patience.
Northern Pike The 2007 MI DNR study found northern pike in the lake,  for many years it was thought a breeding population did not exist.  However, it now appears they’ve made a recovery and are being caught routinely if know where to find them!