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Lake Treatment Schedule 2020

Date Description
4/05/2021 Water Quality
5/3/2021 Survey
5/17/2021 Weed and Algae Treatment
6/07/2021 Weed and Algae Treatment
7/12/2021 Weed and Algae Treatment & Ecoli
8/2/2021 Weed and Algae Treatment & Water Quality
9/6/2021 AVAS Survey & Phrag Optional

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Water Quality Measurements

Three Mile Lake and Little Three Mile Lake  are professionally managed by.

PLM Lake and Land Management Corp

PLM takes measurements of our Water Quality Twice per Year and provides a once per year Water Quality Bacteria report.   They treat for invasive plant-life on a regular basis.

Our lakes have generally tested favorably and Three Mile Lake is considered a generally healthy lake providing both a safe bacteria count for swimming as well as good conditions for fish.

Please help us maintain our reputation as one of the cleanest lakes in this part of the state.

For more information on Michigan Waterfront Alliance visit their website at   https://mwai.org/

The Michigan Waterfront Alliance (MWA) is a non-profit corporation that was formed over twenty years ago in order to contribute to the creation or preservation of state laws and/or policies designed to protect, preserve, and promote the sustainable use of inland water resources located in the State of Michigan.

Keeping our lake clean is everyone’s responsibility. Please help us maintain the lake with the following behavior

  • Maintain your septic system
  • Do not bathe, shampoo, or wash boats, pets, or other objects in the lake
  • Use phosphate free home cleaning products
  • Do not use fertilizer within 30ft of the lake
  • Do not burn or dump leaves, brush, or grass in the lake (these nutrients contribute to unwanted plant growth)
  • Please do not feed ducks, birds etc
  • Refrain from dumping bait out into the lake
  • Use only ground contact approved wood for seawalls. No old railroad ties treated with creosote
  • Help keep the lake clean by retrieving trash blown from your boat
  • Keep speeds low in shallow areas (High speeds in shallow areas churn nutrients into the lake and increase algae growth)
  • Rinse/clean your boat that has been in other waterways prior to placing in the lake (prevent invasive species transplantation)